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My name is:
F I R E P L A C E S O C K : Forest Honey

P E I S S O K K : Skogshonning

My story , use and care:
There are some very special sheeps in Norway, all grey that gives the most shiny, soft wool (pelsull). I was gently hand knitted with birch needles by Hilde with yarn made of this wool. She has tried many types of yarn, but found this the most beautiful due to its story, quality and natural colours.

She knits because it makes her calm, and the joy of making something at i´s natural pace is soothing. I was made to be used while resting and sleeping, therefore I, m not long, but my shape will make your feet warm and comfortable. I also have two hocks so you can make a special place for me. Please do not use me in shoes, I do not tolerate friction nor heat change, then I will shrink and loose my softness. Aerate or gently wash me with wool soap if needed.

I´ll keep you warm, I promise.

See fox paws;
There you can see how Hilde uses them.

100 % Norwegian Wool from Hillesvåg. Pelsull. Honey coloured. Slightly hand woven (tovet) and gently washed with organic wool soap before given to you.

My Size:
Approx. 36-37.
Can be stretched a little bit.


My story , use and care:
Linen bag:
I was made to give the socks a place to rest if not hang up somewhere on its hocks. You can use me for new knitting projects too, - use me to what ever feels right. It will only make you good.

100 % linen, white, ecofriendly.

My Size:
Approx. 39-40. 22 cm x 19 cm

My Size:

Made by:
Nature and Hilde Mork

My Price:
650 NOK
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