Image of P A L O S A N T O ( 2 )

P A L O S A N T O ( 2 )


My name is: Palo Santo + Crystal bundle with magic mantra

My story , use and care:
I am three in one. My smoke has cleansing powers, my amethyst crystal is the Queen of Intuition and I have a special mantra - for you only.
Light me up with a match or a candle and use me in your meditation practice or use instead of a scented candle. My crystal is for you to hold, place on your altar or in a special corner of your home or maybe as a little reminder in your pocket. Use my mantra as a support for your inner transformation.

Palo Santo = Holy Wood from South America
Amethyst = Trust, clarity, calming , healing , intuition
Magic Mantra
Infused by Solskogen

* crystals are made by nature and everyone are unique and have different shades of color and sizes my vary a little.
* palo santo is a wooden stick and sizes may vary a little.

My Size: 9.5cmx1x1cm Palo Santo + Crystal 4x2cm

Made by: Nature and Maria Rommel

My Price: 350 NOK, + Shipping 80kr
50$ incl shipping
45 Euro incl shipping

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