Image of R E C O N N E C T O R  ( 1 )

R E C O N N E C T O R ( 1 )

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My name is:
Reconnector (Nr1)

My story , use and care:
I am a one of a kind wooden art object for you to hold. I will keep you company anytime, anyplace. I came from an Alder tree that lived in Norway by a river close to a wild forest. I am known for keeping calmness present. I am part of an art project that reconnects 100 trees with 100 humans.

I am made with handtools only, an axe, a chisel and a knife.

I am number 47 out of 100,

Are you my human?

My Size:

Made by:
Nature and Jannik Abel

My Price:
1200 NOK ( 125 E 145 $)
200 NOK World Wide Shipping (20 E 25$ )

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