Image of T R E A S U R E  H O L D E R ( 2 )

T R E A S U R E H O L D E R ( 2 )


My name is:
Treasure holder (Nr1)

My story , use and care:
I am a Treasure Holder, I hold your small treasures safe. I was first created as Jannik moved into a larger studio and she seemed to loose all her small things, so she made me and I became the guardian of her found objects, flowers; dried and alive, seeds, photographs, pens etc. As you give me a home I come with treasures inside the glass and you can choose to replace them with your own or keep the once I am holding for you.

My woodbase was found on Janniks land, left behind by the previous owners who were artists and lived in the forest for 40 years. The glass used to belong to Historic Museum in Oslo, and when they cleaned out old supplies Jannik bought us and used us for many exiting art projects.

My Size:

Made by:
Nature and Jannik Abel

My Price:
1200 NOK
200 NOK World Wide Shipping


125 E 145 $ pluss shipping 200Nkr 20 E 25$

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